August 10, 2017 @ 5:30 pm
Huntsville Square

Mountain Arts and Music will host an evening of creativity for the community every Thursday evening from 5:30 to dusk in the Huntsville Square starting June 29. The goal is to provide the opportunity for community members of all ages to do art and/or make music!

We invite artists to bring their art in progress to work on in the company of others and with the guidance of an art instructor, just as they do at our bi-monthly Open Studio sessions that have been held in Eden over the past 18 months. There will be a kids’ art area set up with supplies for a specific project each week, which will be guided by an art teacher. This is a continuation of our March Art Madness for Kids which was a great success, where 30+ Valley children created watercolor pictures, cutout cards, and other projects. This summer we also invite adults to try their hand at an art project under the direction of an art instructor. All supplies will be provided along with high levels of encouragement, support and guidance! Just leave your inhibitions behind and jump give it a try!

AND, Thursday evenings at the Huntsville Square will offer something to musicians of all levels. There will be a ‘slow jam’ (songs with 3 chords) for beginners who want to get experience playing with others; an open mic session for those who may want to get experience on stage behind a sound system, AND, a group sing along session of a variety of songs- including country pop, folk, golden oldies, and possibly broadway tunes. These different activities will be interspersed throughout the summer. The schedule is being developed and will be posted at our Facebook page-

Our goal is to provide Ogden Valley residents and visitors an opportunity to tap into their creative side for at least one evening a week, with the hope that it will enrich their summer and maybe spark them to pursue their muse! So bring the family, as the kids pursue their artistic instincts, parents can try some art OR participate in the music activities!
We thank the owners and businesses of Huntsville Square for opening up their lovely back yard area to the Ogden Valley Community to promote the creative arts!

We want to remind everyone that there will be one more OPEN STUDIO/MUSIC CIRCLEs on Wednesday night June 21 at 6:30 at the Eden Community Center/Bowery. THEN our Wednesday evenings will move to Thursdays at Huntsville Square at the Open Arts and Music Night every Thursday starting at 5:30 for the rest of the summer. JOIN US and CREATE!

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